How to Sell a Mountain Bike in 4 Easy Steps!

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So you’ve decided to sell your mountain bike. Maybe you’ve had your eye on a brand new bike, or just grown tired of the one you have. Either way, knowing how to sell a mountain bike can be a daunting task if you don’t know where to start. 

Luckily, we are here to help!

Below is a guide to selling your mountain bike in 4 easy steps to get the best value and the quickest sale. 

Step 1: Take a Great Photo!

Great photo of a mountain bike

You know the old saying, “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”? That cliche is still true when it comes to selling anything online.

If you plan to sell your mountain bike on an online marketplace, getting a good photo to entice the buyer is imperative.

For example, no photo of your bike is a dirty old shed. Instead, wash your bike off, fill the tires, and take your photos of it in a well-lit area. 

Outdoors in the green grass with natural sunlight is best.

Step 2: Give a Detailed Description!

Worn mountain bike tires

A buyer is going to want to know all that you can tell them about your bike. Nothing is more frustrating than clicking on a promising ad and seeing absolutely no information.

Examples Of Good Information To Include Are:

  • Model and brand of bike
  • Year the bike was made.
  • Age of the bike tires.
  • Any additions that you added yourself, like a new, more comfortable seat.

Step 3: Provide a Fair Price

It can be hard to let go of something that has a lot of meaning to you, but sentimental value doesn’t equal actual monetary price. Just because you love a bike doesn’t make it worth more.

Do a quick search on your selling platform for similar mountain bikes and price yours accordingly. 

List your bike for a few dollars less than the competition for a quick sale, but if you’ve got time to spare and a great sale ad don’t be afraid to stand firm on your price. The right buyer will come eventually!

Don’t forget to includes any extras, like an included helmet or tire pump for some extra cash. We’ve got an excellent review of the best electric bike pumps.

Step 4: Be Available! 

When it comes to how to sell a mountain bike, listing your bike in multiple locations can make your sale happen a lot faster. Put in the extra effort to list in different locations.

When a potential buyer pops up, give them a clear and concise pickup time. Wishy-washy sellers are a huge turn-off for buyers with tight schedules. 

When you give firm and reasonable times, you will get your sale a lot quicker and your buyer will appreciate the transparency.

Final thoughts

If you follow these 4 steps, you are sure to have an easy time learning the best ways to sell a mountain bike.

Take a great photo, provide an awesome description, price accordingly and be available and you’ll have that bike out of your garage in no time! 

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