Do Mountain Bikes Have Kickstands? (Do They Need or Not?)

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When purchasing a bike, you’ll most likely contemplate getting one with a kickstand, especially if you’re buying it for a younger individual. 

It’s understandable because a kickstand allows the bike to stand on its own without the need for a rider or some sort of support.

This begs the question, do mountain bikes have kickstands?

The answer is no. Most mountain bikes in the market don’t come with kickstands because they can hinder your cycling. The ones that do have kickstands tend to be for younger users.

Stick around to learn about the reasons why mountain bikes don’t come with kickstands and the benefits of getting a kickstand for your bike.

Why Don’t Mountain Bikes Come With Kickstands?

Here are the main reasons why mountain bikes don’t come equipped with kickstands:

1.   Adds Unnecessary Weight

Mountain biking is physically and physiologically demanding, especially if you’re a beginner. Whether you like it or not, you’ll exert lots of effort to pedal.

As such, it’s no doubt that you’ll prefer your outfit and your bike to be as light as possible. If you happen to have a kickstand on your mountain bike, it’ll add unnecessary weight to the bike.

The added weight that comes with having kickstands completely ruins the purpose of lightweight frames, pedals, and outfits.

2.   Hazardous

Having a kickstand on your mountain bike can get hazardous at some point. Considering that you can only install said part using bolts, there’s a possibility that they’ll become loose over time.

When it happens, the kickstand will malfunction and will lower itself. This clearly compromises your safety.

It’s hazardous if you often participate in mountain bike racing. During competitions, you’re constantly fixated on your speed and momentum. If your kickstand malfunctions, you can stumble, which can lead to serious injuries.

Yes, sustaining injuries when mountain biking is common, even without kickstands. In fact, a study discovered a rate of 16.8 injuries per 1,000 hours of mountain biking. The thing is, the presence of kickstands can make that rate even higher, which you definitely don’t want.

3.   Grab on Things

When coursing through a woody trail, it’s inevitable for you to encounter lots of twigs and rocks scattered on the ground. If you don’t have a kickstand, it’s easy for you to avoid them because you’ll simply steer the handlebars in another direction.

That said, another risk that kickstands bring is they can grab onto things.

Let’s say you’ve parked your mountain bike to rest a bit, but when you’ve decided to continue, you forgot to prop the kickstand back up.

So, while pedaling, the stand constantly snags onto twigs and junk on the ground. If you don’t notice this right away, it’ll lead to a sudden crash, especially when the objects get caught on the wheels.

4.   Ruins the Style

Everyone has a style preference when it comes to their mountain bikes. Some people like a minimal look, so they’re meticulous about the parts they’re using.

This is highly subjective, but for some, kickstands ruin the overall aesthetics of the mountain bike. It’s because there’s an extra metal rod hanging on the side of your bike.

On the other hand, some people find kickstands a cool touch to their bicycles. So, installing a kickstand is definitely up to your preference and aesthetic!

5.   Damages the Frame

Kickstands can also damage your mountain bike’s frame. When installing the kickstand, you might accidentally scratch the frame using your tool. Even though it’s trivial, some people are meticulous about their bike parts, considering they’re not cheap.

Also, the kickstand might get detached from the frame when you get into an accident. As a result, it can cause severe damage to your bike. The part where you’ve attached the kickstand will get cracked or completely split in half.

If you have a carbon frame, it’ll quickly get damaged if you have a kickstand attached to it and you get involved in a crash. This is because carbon has the lowest mechanical strength out of all materials used in building mountain bikes.

Benefits of Having a Kickstand

Dirty mountain bike with a kickstand

It’s uncommon for a mountain bike to have a kickstand because of its disadvantages. However, it still has benefits that a biker can enjoy, including:

1.   Convenience

If you’re a beginner, it’s normal for you to take breaks every now and then while coursing through a trail. As such, the kickstand comes in handy because you can quickly park your mountain bike whenever and wherever you like!

It’s also applicable if you use your mountain bike for a general commute throughout your city. You don’t have to find a bicycle parking spot because you just have to lower the kickstand down.

Moreover, it prevents your bike from falling over whenever you’re learning how to ride on rough terrains. It acts like a stopper, so you’ll be able to control the vehicle better.

2.   Acts as a Support

For people who have injuries, a kickstand will definitely help. It can act as your support when you’re trailing.

If you have a back injury such as Sciatica, for instance, not only does your back hurt but also your leg. So, a kickstand will be useful because it’ll serve as your “foot.”

You don’t have to constantly move your leg because you can just lean towards one side and the stand will stop you from falling.

However, this only applies to situations when your injury acts up while mountain biking. You shouldn’t do strenuous activities if you don’t feel well because it might lead to other injuries.

3.   Easier Cleaning and Repair

When you have a kickstand, it’s easier to repair or clean your bike. Compared to a bike stand, it’s much more portable because it’s already attached to the frame.

If it happens that your bike breaks down while you’re trailing, you can easily fix it because the kickstand will support your bike while repairing.

To add, having a kickstand makes the cleaning process of your mountain bike easier. It can get tricky if you don’t have one because you have to lean the vehicle into a wall in order to clean it.

4.   Prevents Contact With the Ground

No one wants to store their mountain bike horizontally because it makes it prone to scuffs and dirt. Luckily, a kickstand will prevent you from these issues because you can store your vehicle in an upright manner.

Do You Need a Kickstand?

As mentioned earlier, installing a kickstand is a matter of preference. You might consider it if you’re a beginner, you might consider it because it’ll act as your support when trailing in rough terrains. After all, you can remove it once you’ve gained more experience in mountain biking.

There’s no harm if you want to get a kickstand. Just because other people don’t like it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get it. If you think the benefits suit your lifestyle, then feel free to install one!

Wrapping Up

Do mountain bikes have kickstands? No. It’s because most experienced mountain bikers don’t want extra weight on their vehicle and mainly because people consider it an unnecessary luxury.

However, you should install a kickstand on your mountain bike if you’re looking for convenience. With kickstands, you can park your bike anywhere. On top of that, kickstands make your bicycle easier to clean and repair.

If you need some help finding the right kickstands for your mountain bike, you should definitely check out our list of the best kickstands for mountain bikes.

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