3 Best Mountain Bike Gloves for 2023 (Trail-Tested and Approved)

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Fox Ranger Mountain Bike Gloves in use

When it comes to mountain biking, you must always consider getting the best mountain bike gloves that provide optimal comfort, protection, and grip.

Luckily, you’re on the right page. I’ve tested many mountain bike gloves out there, and these are the ones I believe are the best on the market.

As a professional mountain biker, I’ve been participating in this extreme sport since I got my first mountain bike at a young age. 

I’ve tried and tested countless mountain bike gloves already and found the best one for me (and I hope for you too).

The Fox Racing Ranger Gloves is the surefire winner on the list. The moment I tried the gloves and felt how they comfortably fit, I knew I had found the perfect gloves to meet all my expectations.

From durability to versatility, I knew these gloves would be what I wanted. They have a balance of everything you’re looking for in a pair of mountain bike gloves

If you want to learn more about this product and other top mountain bike gloves, just keep reading. 

The Top 3 Best Mountain Bike Gloves

  1. Fox Racing Ranger Gloves (Best Overall)
  2. Giro DND Gloves (Best for Rough Riders)
  3. Troy Lee Designs Air Gloves (Best for Beginners)

Best Mountain Bike Gloves – Reviewed

You only want the best ones that’ll endure the test of time. Here are my best picks for the best mountain bike gloves:

Fox Racing Ranger Gloves

The Fox Racing Ranger Gloves are the best option for riders looking for unrivaled performance, versatility, and comfort. 

These gloves are ready to boost your riding experience with uncompromising protection, excellent grip and control, and versatility across many off-road disciplines. 

Protection: These gloves include a reinforced palm that provides good abrasion resistance and improves grip on the handlebars. Whether hiking across terrain or facing obstacles, the gloves provide adequate protection, lowering the danger of blisters and calluses

Grip and control: The silicone fingers and palm prints provide superb grip and control in all-weather situations. No matter how hard your ride or the terrain becomes, these gloves provide dependable traction, lowering the possibility of slipping or losing control

Versatility: These gloves are made to perform well in several off-road cycling activities, including downhill racing, trail riding, and mountain biking. 

They offer the perfect balance of protection and efficiency, allowing you to handle problematic parts while maintaining the sensitivity needed for precise control.

Comfort: These gloves are made of high-quality, breathable fabrics and give a comfortable fit without sacrificing durability. The use of lightweight materials and stretchable fabrics enables unrestricted hand movements, facilitating a natural sense of control and flexibility. 

Furthermore, the gloves are made to wick away sweat, keeping your hands cool and dry throughout intense rides

Quality and durability: These gloves are made with attention to detail, with reinforced stitching and superior materials to ensure they can survive the demands of off-road cycling. Even after repeated rides, the gloves retain their integrity and continue to provide dependable protection and performance. 

Giro DND Gloves

For riders looking for unrivaled performance and protection, the Giro DND Gloves are a force to be reckoned with. These gloves protect your hands on even the toughest terrains thanks to their outstanding grip, reinforced palm, and comfortable yet robust construction. 

Protection: With their reinforced palm portion, these gloves can withstand even the roughest rides without developing blisters or calluses. The durable design prevents abrasion and shields your hands from trail debris and any damage

Grip and control: The gloves have silicone fingers and palm prints to offer a strong grip. No matter the weather or the difficulty of the maneuver, you can maintain total control of your bike thanks to the firm grip these gloves provide. 

Comfort and durability: The Giro DND Gloves offer a secure yet flexible fit since they’re made from premium, breathable materials. The breathability and natural hand movements provided by the gloves avoid excessive perspiration during extended rides. 

The gloves are also made to be durable, with reinforced stitching and strong materials that can withstand the demands of rocky paths and regular use. 

Versatility: The Giro DND Gloves are suitable for various off-road cycling disciplines and were created with tough riders in mind. These gloves are the ideal accessory for anyone who enjoys trail riding, downhill racing, or mountain biking. 

They’re the perfect choice for riders who regularly push their limits and look for adventure on difficult terrain because of their protection, grip, and durability.

Troy Lee Designs Air Gloves

If comfort, protection, and performance are your top priorities, the Troy Lee Designs Air Gloves are a smart choice for beginning riders. They make the perfect partner for your off-road riding experiences because of their adaptable design and stylish appearance. 

Comfort: To provide a secure and comfortable fit, these gloves are made from a combination of lightweight and breathable materials that properly contour your hands. Even during arduous rides, your hands will remain cool and dry thanks to the elastic mesh fabric’s brilliant breathability. 

Moreover, the practical hook-and-loop closure mechanism makes it simple to customize the gloves to your preferences, giving you a custom fit that accommodates a range of hand sizes and shapes.

Protection: These gloves are built with a tough Clarino synthetic leather palm, which increases your grip on the handlebars and provides unmatched abrasion resistance. Ample cushioning is provided by padding in key impact zones, which also lessens hand fatigue and the chance of blisters. 

Grip and control: The silicone-printed fingers and palm overlays of the Troy Lee Designs Air Gloves provide adequate grip and control. These gloves provide dependable traction regardless of the weather, drastically lowering the possibility of slipping or losing control while performing essential tasks. 

Durability: These gloves are expertly made with materials that ensure they can handle the demands of trail riding and reinforced stitching to ensure durability. You won’t see wear and tear even after several rides, preserving the durability and value of your purchase.

Versatility and style: The adaptable design of the Troy Lee Designs Air Gloves makes them suitable for use in various cycling sports. These gloves offer the performance and functionality required for BMX, trail riding, or mountain bike. 

They also come in different striking colors and patterns, letting you show off your unique sense of style while tackling the trails.

A Buyer’s Guide to Top 3 Best Mountain Bike Gloves

Your riding style, preference, and requirements will impact your decision regarding the best gloves.

If you’re conquering challenging trails, competing in cross-country races, or just enjoying downhill descents, wearing the correct gloves may give comfort, protection, and the right grip. 

Fox Racing Ranger Gloves


  • Polyamide nylon: 68%
  • Polyurethane: 14%
  • Polyester: 10%
  • Elastane: 5%
  • Polyvinyl chloride (PVC): 3%

Key Features:

  • Secure Fit With Compression Molded Cuff: A snug and comfortable fit is provided by the compression molded cuff, which offers a stable fit around the wrist. 
  • Microsuede Absorbent Thumb: Sweat or moisture from your face can be easily removed while riding. During lengthy rides or in heated weather, this thumb panel preserves comfort and helps to keep your vision clear.
  • Touchscreen Compatibility: Riders no longer have to take off their gloves to use their cellphones or other touch-screen gadgets. This technology eliminates the hassle of using electronics with bare hands.
  • Premium Graphic Design: The Fox Racing Ranger Gloves have high-quality graphics, which give the gloves a sense of elegance and aesthetic appeal. 
  • Hook and Loop Wrist Closure: The wrist fastening type with hook and loop provides a snug fit and adjustable closing. 

Common Problems:

  • Individuals looking for greater cushioning and impact protection during outdoor activities may find the gloves lacking in padding.
  • Other Fox Ranger gloves have velcro clasp designs that may not be to everyone’s taste.
  • The gloves may seem very snug on some users’ fingertips. This constriction may limit hand motion and lessen overall user comfort.
  • The webbing material between the fingers of the gloves may not be waterproof. This might result in moisture leaking in rainy circumstances, perhaps causing discomfort or a loss of grip.
  • The tight cuffs of the gloves might make it difficult and frustrating to put them on and take them off regularly. This can be troublesome for users who often need to remove or put on their gloves during activities.

Use Cases:

  • Trail Riding
  • Downhill Riding
  • Enduro Racing

Other Considerations:

  • Care and Maintenance: To maintain the function and appearance of the gloves and extend their lifespan, it’s essential to adhere to the manufacturer’s cleaning and storage instructions.
  • Price: The Fox Racing Ranger Gloves have a mid-range pricing. Although they aren’t the most economical option, they’re a wonderful investment for dedicated mountain bikers due to their quality and features.
  • Style Options: Because of the wide range of colors and designs available, the user can choose a style that matches their equipment and satisfies their personal preferences.

Giro DND Gloves


  • Palm: 87% polyester, 13% spandex 
  • Top hand: 90% polyester, 10% cotton 
  • Padding: 100% EVA foam

Key Features:

  • Flex Zones: These flexible sections promote efficiency and allow for natural hand motion, improving grip on handlebars or other equipment. The flex zones lessen hand fatigue during extended rides or outdoor activities, which adds to overall comfort.
  • Super Fit Engineering: The gloves are equipped with Giro’s Super Fit engineering to guarantee precise and ergonomic fit. Through this technology, the glove fits snugly and comfortably by following the contours of the hand.
  • Three-Part Palm Construction: The gloves’ improved flexibility and ability are achieved by separating the palm into three pieces. Every piece has been constructed to maximize control and grip, especially where wear and tear are more likely to occur. 
  • Touchscreen Technology: Riders can use their gadgets without taking off their gloves because the gloves’ fingertips are touchscreen-compatible.

Common Problems:

  • The gloves’ touchscreen compatibility may be inconsistent or poor, making it difficult to operate touch-sensitive devices without removing the gloves.
  • Some glove varieties may lack sufficient grip on the fingertips, affecting control and handling of equipment.
  • The gloves’ three-piece palm structure may cause pressure spots or discomfort during use, especially for people with sensitive hands.
  • While the gloves are well-made in general, they’re more expensive. There have also been reports of quality difficulties, including discomfort caused by visible seams.

Use Cases:

  • Trail Riding
  • Downhill Riding
  • All-Mountain Riding

Other Considerations:

  • Care and Maintenance: To prolong the life of your gloves, you need to follow the manufacturer’s care recommendations. Cleaning and storing them regularly will keep them looking good and performing well.
  • Price: The overall quality of the gloves is good; however, they’re more expensive than other mountain bike gloves on the market. 
  • Style Options: Because these gloves are available in a range of colors, you can choose a design that suits your personal preferences and matches your equipment.

Troy Lee Designs Air Gloves


  • Synthetic Leather: 45% 
  • Polyester: 38% 
  • Polyamide: 9% 
  • PVC: 5% 
  • Elastane: 3% 

Key Features: 

  • Compression Molded Cuff: This design keeps the gloves in place during intensive movements, providing stability and lowering the chance of slippage.
  • Micro-Mesh for All-Over Ventilation: This feature keeps your hands cool and dry during hard physical activity, reducing perspiration buildup and boosting overall comfort.
  • Single-Layer Palm with Mapped Laser Hole Perforation: Mapped laser hole perforation is precisely placed to improve breathability and preserve a tactile grip on handlebars or equipment. 
  • Sonic Welded TPRs for Added Protection: The gloves have sonic welded TPRs (Thermoplastic Rubber) in vital areas of the gloves to give additional protection. These TPRs are deliberately placed to protect susceptible parts, such as knuckles and fingers, from impacts or abrasions.
  • Silicone Printed Fingertips for Lever Grip: This feature increases grip and control, especially when working levers or buttons on equipment. The silicone-printed fingertips improve sensitivity and ensure a firm grip even in damp or difficult situations.

Common Problems:

  • When using touchscreens, the gloves may not respond immediately, making it less convenient to use gadgets without taking them off.
  • According to some users, the gloves aren’t as tough as they could be, which could eventually cause premature wear or tear.
  • The gloves may have a snug cuff and a looser-than-normal palm, which can make them uncomfortable to wear. There have also been instances of threads breaking loose, which could be a sign of a quality issue.
  • The gloves may not offer enough insulation for colder climates, which makes them less practical for use in cold weather.

Use Cases:

  • Trail riding
  • Cross-Country racing
  • Downhill/Freeride

Other Considerations:

Care and Maintenance: The life of these gloves can be increased with the right maintenance and care. As a rule, hand washing and air drying are recommended in the manufacturer’s care recommendations. 

Price: The cost of the Troy Lee Designs Air Gloves falls within the middle bracket. The quality and features of these gloves make them a smart investment for riders seeking trustworthy hand protection and comfort, even though they aren’t the most affordable option.

Style Choices: These gloves are available in a variety of colors and designs, allowing riders to choose a style that suits their own preferences and matches their riding gear.


The Fox Racing Ranger Gloves are an excellent option for comprehensive and well-rounded performance. They’re made to survive challenging settings and offer consistent hand safety. 

The riding style, terrain, and personal preferences you have will all play a role in which gloves work best for you. Based on your needs, take into account the information in this guide and make a smart choice.

Can’t wait to get your hands on the perfect pair of mountain bike gloves? Click on the links below to find out more information and to buy the gloves in this guide:

1. Fox Racing Ranger Gloves

2. Giro DND Gloves

3. Troy Lee Designs Air Gloves

Purchasing premium gloves guarantee comfort and safety when riding a mountain bike. So put on your gear, hit the trails, and have fun!

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