9 Best Kickstand for Mountain Bike 2023 (With Guide!)

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When you’ve invested a lot of money in a worthy mountain bike, it’s time to think a little about the accessories. While you might think that you can lean your MTB against any wall or tree, investing in the best kickstand for mountain bike is totally worth it.

In this article, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about kickstands and how to pick the right one for your mountain bike. Keep reading to learn about this topic, and choose the right one for your upcoming ride.

Best Kickstands for Mountain Bikes on the Market

A kickstand will help you park your mountain bike anywhere you like, and you won’t have to worry about the dirt and grime accumulating on its body. Moreover, this piece of accessory will facilitate cleaning and maintaining the different parts of your bike. Here are our top kickstands for mountain bikes on the market.

1. Sataway Center Mount Bike Kickstand

If you’re looking for an affordable, lightweight, and sturdy kickstand for your mountain bike, then this one won’t disappoint you. It’s made of durable aluminum alloy, and it won’t rust or break with continuous use.

The kickstand comes with two sets of screws for fast and easy installation, so you can quickly install it to secure your bike whenever you like. Even if you have to secure your bike on wet ground, the non-slip foot will keep it in place, protecting your precious mountain bike from scuffs and dirt.

It will work for you if you’re looking for a center-mounted kickstand that works for 26 to 29-inch bike sizes. And you can easily adjust its length from 10 to 12.2 inches for the perfect fit. Just push the button in the center, and the length will be adjusted.

Because it’s center-mounted, this one will work for you if your main purpose is to secure your MTB in the most challenging situations. Yet, if your bike doesn’t support the center-mounting design, the design might interfere with your cables.

What We Like

  • Affordable and durable kickstand
  • Lightweight aluminum construction
  • Works for bigger bikes
  • Comes with a non-slip foot to keep your bike secure
  • Center-mounted design for maximum security

What We Don’t Like

  • Might not work for all mountain bikes and can interfere with the function of the cables

2. UHACKER Adjustable Bike Kickstand

This rear-mounted kickstand is suitable for any MTB from the size of 22 to 27-inch wheels. It’s designed to fit any oval or rectangular tube chain from size 15 to 28mm, so it’s one of the most versatile models on the market. However, it won’t suit any round chains because it won’t stay stable.

Because it’s made of aluminum, this kickstand won’t rust, so it’s a durable addition to your mountain bike arsenal. It comes with a thickened, non-slip pad to prevent your bike from slipping. This means that your bike won’t sink into the mud, and you can easily maintain or clean it whenever you like.

The kickstand is wear-resistant, so it will deliver the same performance no matter how often you use it. It’s an excellent choice for maintenance work because it keeps the center of the bike clear, so you can work on it easily.

It’s extremely easy to install, and the length is adjustable from 13.25 to 15 inches. Moreover, it comes with two wrenches to allow you to install it easily. We love that this kickstand is lightweight and affordable, but it’s a bit bulky.

What We Like

  • Affordable and lightweight aluminum kickstand
  • Suits different types of chains
  • Thickened non-slip foot
  • Easy to install and adjust
  • Suitable for cleaning and maintenance work

What We Don’t Like

  • It’s bulky

3. SEISSO Bike Kickstand

Finding the right kickstand for your kids’ mountain bike isn’t an easy task. This model is designed to fit any MTB from 12 to 18-inch wheel size to keep the mountain bike in place.

The kickstand needs at least 0.33 inches of ground clearance to be installed properly, and you don’t need any extra nuts or screws to have it secured. As a matter of fact, you can easily install it using the nuts that already come with the mountain bike.

It’s made of sturdy carbon steel and aluminum, so it’s strong and reliable. The carbon steel is corrosion-resistant, so the accumulation of salts won’t ruin it in the long run. It also comes with a non-slip foot to prevent your kids’ mountain bike from slipping when it’s standing on uneven ground.

We love that this kickstand is extremely affordable, so it will work for you if you’re looking for a budget-friendly option. There are rear and center-mount models, so you’ll need to pick the right one.

What We Like

  • Lightweight and budget-friendly mountain bike stand
  • Specifically designed for kids’ mountain bikes
  • Easy to install using the screws and nuts that come with the bike itself
  • Sturdy construction

What We Don’t Like

  • Because there are center and rear-mounted designs, you’ll need to think well before picking one for your MTB

4. Lumintrail Rear Mount Adjustable Height Bicycle Kickstand

With no tools required, this kickstand is quite easy to install. You should position it properly and screw the top part onto the seat stay. It’s a rear-mounted kickstand that works for mountain bikes, as well as road bikes, fitting 24 to 28-inch wheels.

If your bike falls, you can lengthen or shorten the kickstand using a button push, as it can be adjusted between 12 and 14 inches to suit every bike size. It also comes with non-slip soles with wide feet to protect your bike from slipping in the mud.

This kickstand is made of strong aluminum and has a sturdy steel head, so it won’t rust or corrode. Because it’s a rear-mounted kickstand, it will work for other bikes that don’t accept a center-mount stand. However, it feels a bit heavy because it weighs about 16 ounces.

Given that it’s a rear-mounted model, this one will allow you to view the center of the bike if you have to clean the chain or replace it. But be careful because it can easily bend or even break if the bike is too heavy.

What We Like

  • Sturdy steel and aluminum kickstand
  • The length can be adjusted easily
  • Easy to mount with no tools required
  • More stable in muddy conditions

What We Don’t Like

  • Feels Heavy

5. BV Adjustable Bicycle Kickstand

Finding a toolless kickstand that fits different mountain bike sizes is totally worth the investment. This aluminum alloy kickstand is designed to fit mountain, commuting, and cruiser bikes from 24 to 29-inch wheel sizes, and it comes with a non-slip sole and wide plastic feet to prevent your bike from sinking in the mud.

The length is adjusted from 14 to 16.5 inches, and it weighs 9 ounces, so it’s very lightweight. It’s designed to balance your mountain bike on uneven ground, so it will keep it clean and free of scuffs.

Thanks to the center-mounted design, you can secure your MTB in the most challenging situations, including slippery grounds. Moreover, it’s available in two colors, silver and black, so you pick the right one for your MTB.

You need to have enough space to install it. Otherwise, it might hit the pedal or the cables and even damage them. It can be installed in two ways, adding to the versatility, and the steel bolt prevents the foot from sliding off. However, it might side pivot, so you need to secure it properly. Moreover, maintenance and cleaning will be a bit challenging while it’s on.

What We Like

  • Aluminum and lightweight kickstand
  • The kickstand will keep the bike stable on uneven ground
  • Easy and secure installation
  • Fits different bikes

What We Don’t Like

  • It might side pivot

6. Ursus Jumbo Double Leg Kickstand

Finding a sturdy mountain bike kickstand isn’t an easy job. But this durable kickstand is made of aluminum and steel components to withstand long-term use. It won’t break, rust, or corrode, with extended use.

This kickstand is designed to fit bikes from 24 to 28-inch wheel sizes, and the length is adjusted from 7 to 18 inches. This makes it one of the most versatile kickstands on the market.

The double-legged center design protects your bike from tipping over and can work to stabilize commuting and electric bikes, as well. It doesn’t come with all the tools needed for installation, but it’s still pretty easy to control. Because it folds to one side, it will work for cleaning, maintenance, and securing your jobs, giving you the freedom to look at your mountain bike from all angles.

The best thing about this double-legged kickstand is that it comes with secure bolts to protect the kickstand from side pivoting. Although it’s quite reliable, this kickstand is pretty heavy because it weighs 44 ounces, so it’s not easy to move around. It’s also more expensive than other models on the market.

What We Like

  • Durable steel and aluminum kickstand
  • Works for different kinds of bikes
  • Adjustable length
  • Designed to prevent side pivoting

What We Don’t Like

  • More expensive than other models
  • Heavy design

7. Velo Orange Copenhagen Dual Leg Kickstand

In addition to the stylish design, this kickstand’s installation mechanism is pretty straightforward, so it won’t take much time to secure while you’re enjoying your ride. It’s suitable for mountain bikes, but it also works for city and commuting bikes, so it will be a great addition to your garage.

The kickstand comes with all the screws and wrenches needed for installation, so you won’t have to buy any additional tools to install it. Moreover, it fits bikes with and without kickstand plates.

Unlike other kickstands that restrict the view, this one will allow you to look at and clean your bike’s chain. It doesn’t tilt like the rear-mounted ones and doesn’t feel as restrictive as single-legged center-mounted ones.

Since both legs fold on the same side, this medium-range kickstand will work for multiple bike sizes, so it’s more versatile. But it’s heavier than other models, weighing 22 ounces, and this makes it less portable and very difficult to carry around. Moreover, since it’s secured using one bolt, it can easily pivot to one side if it’s not properly secured.

What We Like

  • Stylish and durable construction
  • Suitable for different bike sizes
  • Comes with all the tools needed for fast and easy installation

What We Don’t Like

  • Heavy kickstand
  • Might pivot to the side if it’s not properly installed

8. Soma Fabrications Double leg kickstand

Double-legged kickstands are known to be extremely reliable and sturdy, and this one is no different, as it’s designed to secure your mountain bike in all situations. This kickstand is made of sturdy forged aluminum, and although it’s mainly designed for mountain bikes, it also works for e-bikes., loaded, commuting, cargo bikes, and those that come with a child’s seat, so it’s a versatile option to add to your garage if you’re an avid bike lover.

Unlike other kickstands that might get entangled with the chain in the middle, this one features two legs that bend to a single side. This means that it’s easy to install and uninstall and won’t damage the expensive parts of your MTB.

It comes with two different length mountain bolts, so you can adjust the length when you install it for the first time. You can’t adjust the length as you ride, like other models on our list. So, if you want to make it shorter, you’ll have to uninstall it first, and this makes it a bit restrictive. Moreover, it’s more expensive and heavier than other models on the market, as it weighs about 30 ounces.

What We Like

  • Sturdy kickstand of forged aluminum
  • Easy to install and uninstall
  • Legs fold to the side

What We Don’t Like

  • More expensive than other models
  • The length isn’t adjustable
  • Heavier than other models

9. Cyfie Bike Kickstand

If your kid is fond of riding their mountain bike, buying this kickstand will be a must. It’s specifically designed to fit 16 and 18-inch wheel bikes, so it will help your kid park their bike without using too much ground space, and it will also keep the bike upright on uneven ground.

It’s made of durable aluminum alloy, so it’s rust-proof, wear-resistant, and will stay in good shape no matter how often you use it. It’s lightweight, weighing 11 ounces, and is quite easy to install. The kickstand comes with two wrenches to help you secure the kickstand in no time. You won’t have to buy any additional tools.

The length of the kickstand can be adjusted from 8 to 9.5 inches, so it’s less versatile if you have a smaller or bigger bike. Yet, it can work for road, commuting, sports, and MTBs of the recommended size. It also comes with a non-slip foot to keep the bike secured, and the center-mounted design will keep it in place.

What We Like

  • Affordable kickstand made of aluminum alloy
  • Sturdy yet lightweight construction
  • Comes with the tools needed for installation

What We Don’t Like

  • Not as versatile as other models on our list

 How Do You Choose The Best Kickstand for Mountain Bike?

When there are no racks to secure your MTB, the kickstand will come in handy. Moreover, it will help you maintain and clean your bike after a long ride. Yet, you need to make sure that you’re using the right model that fits your bike and needs. Here are a few criteria to look out for.


The first thing you need to think about is the size of the mountain bike kickstand. Kickstands are designed to fit specific bike sizes, so unless you get the perfect fit, you won’t be able to install yours.

If the kickstand is too short, you won’t be able to install it in the first place. If it’s too long, it might hit the ground or rub your bike in the wrong spots, eventually ruining its parts.

So, before you pick a kickstand, you need to revise your bike measurements and even go to a specialized bike shop to make sure that you know the exact size. Otherwise, your kickstand won’t fit.


Most kickstands are made of aluminum because it’s lightweight, rust-resistant, and durable. However, you can also find models that feature carbon steel or stainless steel parts.

Although aluminum doesn’t rust, stainless steel and carbon steel are more corrosion-resistant. These two materials are designed to fight off salts, so they will stay in good shape, whereas aluminum will deteriorate over time.

In areas where it doesn’t rain often, the soil is likely to contain more salts. These salts will accumulate on top of your kickstand and eventually ruin it, so you might want to consider going for a model that features stainless or carbon steel parts instead.


When you think about the weight of your kickstand, you need to think about the weight-to-strength ratio. So, you shouldn’t pick a flimsy kickstand just because it’s lighter and easier to carry around.

So, if weight is the main issue, then aluminum is the one to pick. Aluminum is quite durable, but it’s way lighter than different types of steel. It should be your number one option if you want a portable kickstand. People usually go for aluminum kickstands when they’re picking kickstands for their bikes’ kids.

Remember that the extra weight of the kickstand will add more weight to your bike. With time, this unnecessary weight will accelerate the wear and tear of different parts, so you’ll have to worry about replacing them more often.


There are a lot of aspects to consider when you’re thinking about the kickstand’s design. Single and double-legged kickstands are available, and each one comes with some pros and cons.

Single-legged kickstands are suitable for first-time and novice users because they’re easier to install and adjust. Moreover, they will work for you if you have a rear load.

Double-legged kickstands are sturdier and will keep your mountain bike upright in the most challenging situations. They’re more suitable for bikes that have an extra front load, and they’re a bit more challenging to install. Moreover, some of them aren’t as adjustable, although they’ll secure your bike better.

You’ll also have to choose between the center and rear-mounted kickstands. Center-mounted kickstands are better for securing your bike, and they distribute the weight of the bike more evenly.

However, center-mounted kickstands aren’t always the easiest to install. Moreover, you’ll have to go for a rear-mounted kickstand if your purpose is to clean and maintain your bike, as a rear-mounted one will provide a better view.

Yet, you’ll have to watch out for the weight limit because rear-mounted models can easily bend or even break if you add too much weight. They work better for bikes that have heavier rear loads.

Finally, you need to pick an adjustable model whenever you can. You might be buying the kickstand for a single bike, but you might have to change it in the future. Finding an adjustable model will guarantee the best fit and will also allow you to use your kickstand with multiple bikes.


It’s important to pick a mountain bike stand that provides good value for money. Cheaper isn’t always worse, as you can always find budget-friendly options that fit your needs and can still stabilize your bike whenever you want.

It’s important to make sure that you understand the features, pros, and drawbacks of each model and compare this to the price. You might decide to pay a little bit more if your bike kickstand perfectly fits your needs, so it can be a worthy investment.

Wrap Up

Choosing a reliable kickstand will help you park your mountain bike whenever and wherever you like, and you can also clean and maintain it easily. We recommend that you pick the Sataway Center Mount Bike Kickstand if you’re looking for an affordable and reliable model. If your main goal is to find a kickstand that facilitates maintenance and cleaning, then you should go for the UHACKER Adjustable Bike Kickstand.

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